Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Blotz Dark Ages house

Done for work for the day, caught up on yesterday's battle report, and Anne's not home yet.

Time to dig another MDF kit out of the drawer :D

And here it is...
The walls are in three pieces, an inner wall, a timber fret and some infill pieces. I figured I'd try an experiment, using Plasticote stone texture spray followed by a cream spray on the infill bits....
Stage 1....
At which point I realised that not all the pieces on that sprue were the infill bits...

Fortunately, the stuff takes forever to dry, so I could pop the bits out and wipe the texture off with a tissue.
My one very minor gripe. And I do appreciate it's a deliberate choice on Blotz' part, Most pieces are cut right round except for a couple of small points where they aren't cut at all. This is fine on big, flat pieces, but on narrow bits you absolutely have to cut through that point on both sides, because the wood Blotz use seems to be prone to delaminate into layers if you apply stress in the wrong direction.  The online instructions do warn you about cutting pieces out.

And they really do mean it.
And there we have the basic box plus timber fret all glued together, with a 1-2-3 block holding it together while the wood glue goes off.
Simple roof - two triangles and two roof plates, like everyone else ever.
Some decent teddy bear fur for the thatch, complete with online instructions which actually look as if they'll produce a good result. 

and the end pieces for the eaves, which I haven't attached yet.

So far so good - any problems have been my own fault :D Goes together well, so far.
Watch this space for the next bit. 

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