Thursday, 24 October 2019

I hate computers....

Absolutely my least favourite
dialog ever.
Ok. Just to give you an insight into the work process on the Compendium, I'm using Apple's iCloud to share the master Apple Pages file between several machines, specifically my work laptop, my studio iMac, the older MacBook I'm using right now (while watching The Great British Bake-Off :D) and my iPad.

At least in theory, these all have the same fonts installed on them, so when the file gets opened on a different machine, I don't get Pages little ''This document may look different' dialog.

Except that somewhere, one of my machines somehow has "Segoe UI" installed rather than "SegoeUI"... which as far as I can tell are identical fonts apart from a space in the name. And if I'm in a hurry and miss the warning dialog, the font (which is the main font for all the body text) gets replaced with Helvetica and completely b****ers up the text formatting and diagram and table layouts. Especially if I then save it and fail to notice for several versions.

I've finally been bitten by this once too often. Guess what I've been doing this evening :D


  1. It could be much MUCH worse, it could be 25 years ago and a manual typewriter with carbon copies was the order of the day. No digital pictures, no net, no embedding, streaming, cloud or ‘sharing’ ...... just that white ink!

  2. Definitely a first world problem. But surely it is as simple as finding the file, copy and rename? Or is it it more complex on Apple?


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