Thursday, 10 October 2019

One of those bitty days...

... that happen occasionally in which I can't quite point at or photograph anything and say "look, I done this today"...


  • updated my 'wargamer for hire' site
  • took delivery of the bits for the club Salute 2020 game (which were originally the bits for a game at Hammerhead a few years ago, being repurposed) - this wasn't trivial, as it's about 64 square feet of plywood and foam.
  • found several miniatures I'd forgotten I'd ordered
Annoyingly, the handbrake cable on my car broke while picking James up from the station, so tomorrow morning is going to involve a visit to the garage that replaced a brake calliper during the MoT two weeks ago, since I suspect these events may not be unconnected.

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