Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Some Hereward, Club, Posh Lard updates

Club/Show committee meeting tonight. There will be formal announcements on the various websites and social media feeds later in the week, but, in summary:

  • It's definitely not too late to reserve a trade stand or participation game slot at Hereward. Details are on the website but please note for traders that our early bird discount for stalls ends on May 31;
  • Hereward will have a painting competition, of which more later;
  • Posh Lard WILL be going ahead. Online signup and full details will go up this week. Hopefully Rich from the Lardies will put in an appearance. The games available will be under the theme "Invasion" and are likely to be:
    • Bloody Omaha (IABSM) - Peterborough club
    • St. Mere Eglise (CoC) - Gravesend
    • Brecourt Manor (CoC) - Peterborough 
    • Menton 1940  (Big CoC) - Richard Crawley (subject to confirmation)
    • Saxon Shore (Dux B) - Peterborough (s.t.c.) 

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