Monday, 20 May 2019

I missed a category in #hobbystreak

Namely, "Sysadmin".

The server that hosts both the club and show sites decided to throw a sizeable tantrum this morning. I suspect it was sulking after Saturday's power-cut, and one of its HD's decided to throw lots and lots and lots of errors. 

Of course, the other half of its mirror drive set had packed up last week, and I'd not got round to ordering a spare (normally I carry one, but James needed one for his games machine...) until the weekend.

Fortunately, I take backups. These days, onto 12TB of RAID'ed Network Attached Storage. And this is why. 

Decided that enough was enough (that's the fourth drive fail on that server in about 4 years, and I think there's an issue with its SATA bus), so finally bit the bullet and restored everything across to the new server once the Amazon order of 4 drives arrived :D Which was its OWN pain, as the new server's running a new version of the OS, not everything 'just works'... I spent two hours upgrading the club forum, and another hour just now chasing why I could receive but not send mail. 

You should notice the club and show sites are a bit quicker, and you should now be able to access them again!


  1. Running your own on premises server? How delightfully antiquarian.. seriously, I feel your pain. It's always just a slight tweak, and before you know it, it's a bare metal restore.

    1. on premises? Sure. Just means it's my server not someone else's :D

      I put the failed drive back after freezing it overnight. It scrunched. Never heard a drive scrunch before. That's toast.


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