Sunday, 17 November 2013

For Judge Dredd fans

Mongoose (and one assumes Warlord) have just announced the Judge Dredd Starter Set!

This is pretty awesome if you want to get started in the game, by the looks. For £75.00 (or whatever that is in Mega City One creds, you lucky citizen!), you get:
  • 240 page Full Colour Hardback Rulebook
  • A complete Justice Department Force
  • A complete Street Gang Force
  • The Academy of Law Training Guide
  • Limited Edition Female Street Punk Leader
  • Limited Edition Street Judge with Lawrod
Not a bad deal, given the hardback rulebook is £30, and the box sets of figures tend to be £30 too!

[Adjusting to life with two eyes that actually focus :D May take a day or so before I can spend my usual amount of time on a computer.]


  1. I was looking at this yesterday at Warfare. It's a hefty box, but I'm not too keen on either of the sets they chose to add into it sadly.

  2. I could have been tempted but other than enjoying painting the figs, I dont fancy having to try and recreate mega city one in DIY terrain to make the game look right...


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