Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thanksgiving and Kickstarters

A happy Thanksgiving to all my US readers - don't eat too much, and don't spend too much tomorrow!

It's not something us Brits celebrate, but I have to admit that lately I am thankful for:
  • an eye surgeon who knows his stuff
  • my wife, who is starting to sort out her work-related stress issues at last
  • my son, who is turning into a good enough drummer at the age of 13 to embarrass me into having to put more work into my bass playing
In other news:

For those of you who were into Heroquest way back when, there is, or rather was, a Kickstarter by Gamezone Miniatures which proposed to resurrect it for its 25th anniversary. As you can tell from the currently suspended Kickstarter, someone isn't happy about this, although according to the cached copy of the Kickstarter on Google, they do have the Spanish rights to the game.

Watch this space, I guess.

As far as Deadzone goes? Nothing from UPS yet. I am, though, a little dismayed at the entitlement issues some people seem to have, judging from the level of complaints over the fact that Mantic appear to have paid a couple of days ahead of time for a big batch of UPS shipping labels. Seriously? Get over it.


  1. Thanks for the holiday wishes, it is a great family holiday!
    I wouldn't mind a new heroquest, but like the other forgotten GW games, they still have a brilliant afterlife in house rules. I can understand the angst over the entitlement issues, the months of whining in Zombicide 2 have really put me off kickstarter, plus the folks who can't read or understand the updates, process, etc that is kickstarter. Entitlement is not a favorite word! ;)

  2. Yeah, some people who backed two recent Indie Boards and Cards kickstarters are complaining because both their games came in the same package and they didn't get a discount on shipping. Wah, wah.

    I suspect what brought the IP lawyers out of their holes on HeroQuest was the scent of money -- what, this property we abandoned might actually be worth something? Tear up the licences and sue!

  3. A post has surfaced from Gamezone to say that a few days ago a C&D was served by Blue Moon who hold the US trademark for Heroquest. The C&D was cancelled as both parties are apparently talking about how to make this benefit them both. Seems the freeze is *hopefully* a misunderstanding from Kickstarter, or them just being really careful.

    According to the post, if this comes out the way both sides want it to, the US distribution issue will go away *fingers crossed*

  4. I should have read your post before dinner. Now I am definitely stuffed. The smoked turkey was very, very good.

  5. I saw the Heroquest KS and thought it was cool, just a poor time of the season for me. My wife is going to kill me already as I am pledged to another Kickstarter, the battle boards that clip together, I saw that city version and just went oh hell. Plus another outfit is doing a roll out mat concept that looks cool that I am watching, another I may be jumping into. Maybe I can sweep one under as a Christmas gift. *prays*

    On another note there is a cool KS with double d6 dice, so 12 sides with each facing twice....fairly cheap and could be a gas to get a set.


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