Friday, 1 November 2013

The origins of WW1 revisited

For those of you who enjoyed my review of AJP Taylor's "War By Timeline", or even, heaven forbid, bought a copy, I have a further recommendation for you.

Dan Carlin produces a series of podcasts called "Hardcore Histories" - they're usually about three hours long, often multipart. Dan's American, and... the best way to describe him I think is very intense. He does have a fine ear for telling a story, though, and some quite sharp insights into history.

The current episode is entitled Blueprint for Armageddon I, and is (one would assume from the "I") part I of a series about the origins of WW1. I'm about 45 mins into it on my daily commute, and I'm finding it a fascinating companion to the AJP Taylor book. See what you think - you may enjoy it.


  1. Loved Carlin's series on the Roman Civil Wars. He's a bit over the top for some tastes, but I think his series is great.

  2. His Eastern Front series was also very good. He can be a bit dark and foreboding mixed with "gosh wow" but as an intro to the subject(s) I like his style.

  3. Thanks for posting Mike, seems very interesting


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