Saturday, 30 November 2013

Black Friday..

Yes, I'm a day late. Sue me :D

Now, I know that, as we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, we probably shouldn't do the whole Black Friday madness - but it appears we do.

In the wargames world there do appear to be a few nice deals around. Of particular interest to me:

  • Victrix are doing 3 for 2 on all their boxes until Xmas.
  • Wargames Factory are having a 25% or better off sale - US to UK postage might be a killer on this one, but if you're after their massive 28mm SF Dreadnought-alive, it's 35% off

On a semi-related tack, Rob Avery's "Five Planets" supplement for TFL's "Quadrant 13" is now out - a linked series of scenarios for 'generic' 15mm SF. I have some opinions on Q13 in general, of which more later, but .... this is Rob, and therefore it will be well thought out and put together, if Q13 is your bag.

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