Friday 15 November 2013

Looking for podcast and/or audio book recommendations

I'm in for a cataract operation on Saturday (for those concerned, this is definitely a "woo, yay", not an "ulp" thing… my left eye's prescription should be going from about -17 to -2, to match my right, which was done about a decade and a half ago). As a result, I may be restricted in computer use for the following couple of days, which means:

a) this blog will be on auto-pilot for a couple of days - I'll try and sneak in a status update sometime if I can, but otherwise, you're getting posts from the queue.
b) I need some good listening to keep me sane. Sadly, I'm almost caught up on all my regular listening (Dan Carlin's Hardcode Histories, Meeples and Miniatures, Historical Wargames), so…

Any recommendations that I can download before tomorrow (bearing in mind I can grab a free 30 day trial of if I want)?


  1. Podcasts:
    These are all first-rate.

    As for audible:Bryan Cranston reading Tim O'Briens The Things They Carried.
    Go forth and download!

    1. From the same gent as Revolutions, I would add

      I have listened to it twice now

  2. It's not a answer to your question but I'd recommend buying a small DAB radio (if you haven't got one ready) and tune into Radio4X. They play classic comedies, thrillers and sci-fi etc. It's practically all I listen to now. Hope the op all goes to plan.


  3. Best wishes for the op mate.

    I'm in for a minor eye job myself next week - nothing as serious as your's just removing a cyst from my eyelid - so like you I'll be out of action for a couple of days. The prospect of not being able to use a computer for 24hrs means I may download a few podcasts as well to keep myself occupied.

  4. Best of luck! Everyone I know who's had the operation has been very pleased with the results and says it's an almost instant improvement.

    I was going to recommend R4Extra too - you may be able to download some things from BBC iPlayer. BBC Radio podcasts are listed at I enjoy the World Service's 'Witness' series: first hand accounts of historical events.

  5. Shut up and Sit down show, has an amusing podcast show on boardgames. (Also an amusing webpage and vidcast, but the pure audio one is good on its own.)

    I also enjoyed the World War Z audiobook. It's a bit episodic in format but good if you like zombies. Apparently has very little to do with the movie other than main theme.

  6. Check out Wargaming Recon Podcast out of the U.S.

  7. On the podcast front:

    On the Audible front: (this is very nicely performed)

    That should keep you going for … a while.

    1. I will recommend Ken and Robin too, but don't mind also blowing my own trumpet with Improvised Radio Theatre with Dice ( -- where Michael Cule and I pontificate about RPGs.

  8. History of WWII podcast
    History of Rome
    Critical Hit -If you want to listen to others play a 4 year D&D campaign

    I did a post recently on some of my favorites:

    For Audiobooks I quite liked "Lost to the West: The forgotten Byzantine Empire that Rescued Western Civilization (Lars Brownworth)" His Norman Centuries podcast is also a great listen

  9. And because I am a cheap bastard:

    Anything read by Clive Catteral is good especially The White Company

    Rebecca Dittman does a very good rendition of the War of the Worlds
    Still under copyright in the UK so......

    They have Little Wars and Floor Games as well

  10. Audiobook copy of the Aubrey-Maturin series? Some decent ones out there, and I'd be surprised if Audible didn't have it.


  11. Can't really help you on the podcast front, but good luck with the Op anyway!

  12. Hope the opp went well and all will be clear very soon



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