Monday, 4 November 2013

Book Review - "Battle For The Falklands", Bishop/Witherow

Short review tonight - my apologies, but I've driven to Hull and back (and spent an hour+ motionless in a traffic jam) for an eye appointment today, so am somewhat weary, sufficiently so I didn't make it to the club except to pick up some scenery for Saturday's demo game of Chain of Command.

"Battle for the Falklands: The Winter War" is a relatively short book by a pair of (at the time) rookie journalists embedded with different parts of the British Task Force during the Falklands War.

I was only about 18 during the conflict, and I have to confess to not totally paying attention to how the short campaign unfolded. As a result, reading this is something of an eye-opener to the actual course of the war. I would say though that it falls more under the category of 'rattling good yarn' than 'deep military history' - for the latter you want the Max Hastings book, I suspect - I'll let you know when I've finished the latter :D Having said that? Enjoyable read, and probably, to be honest, a good set up for reading the Hastings.

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  1. I rate the Hastings/Jenkins book, but was harangued by a friend (who's a bit of a boffin on the conflict) and told to read Bicheno's "Razon's Edge', which I subsequently did and I rate that too. It's a decent counter view to Hastings who tends to take the more pedestrian route and not ruffle to many feathers Bicheno clearly sets out to get up everybody's nose and, I think does so manfully! He's excellently cynical on the politics and the build up to the war.


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