Friday, 29 November 2013

Boardgames - Legends of Andor

I may cover boardgames a bit more in this blog in future, in part because I'm a fan, but equally because as a fan of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast I miss the boardgame end of it :D

This popped up today because my friend, fellow RPGer/boardgamer and sometime bandmate and musical partner in crime[1] Phil drew my attention to the boardgame Legends of Andor. Not least because 'Andor' is the name of a country in my D&D setting, and he was amused.

However, looking at the reviews, it looks absolutely awesome, and I have already succumbed....

Essentially it's a quest-based cooperative game with some brilliant 'teaching' mechanics which mean you start with just a four page rulebook and work up as you get deeper into the setting, has considerable replay value and some game features which one review described as basically too awesome to talk about without spoiling the whole thing. I'll review it when I've had a go, which is likely to be Christmas as I think 'Er Indoors may confiscate it till then!

Several links from Phil's mail to reviews that pretty much sold it for me:
[1] If you love your own lyrics, keep them away from Phil. He's an evil parody merchant.

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  1. My work here is done... well, until and unless we get our own copy and start designing missions for it! :-)


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