Saturday, 16 November 2013

New from Plastic Solider Company...

Just announced on Facebook:

15mm US Heavy Weapons:
4 x 1917 MG teams, 4 x 1919 .30 cal teams, 4 x .50 cal teams, 4 x 60mm mortars, 4 x 81mm mortars, 4 x 4 inch chemical mortars and 4 x bazooka teams. 
Should be available today (as you're reading this) at Warfare in Reading, with luck.

As will this interesting things:

[…] high quality weathering washes in both spray form and brush-application pots. Designed to complement the existing Plastic Soldier Company Army Sprays paint range and can be used on any painted models - historical, fantasy or sci-fi. A quick, easy and effective way to give your vehicle models and tabletop scenery a realistic "battlefield" look. Initially, 2 weathering sprays (Dirt Brown and Light Brown) and a box set of 8 x 30ml weathering washes (Light Brown, Dirt Brown, Dark Earth Brown, Khaki Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Soot and Rust Red).

[Me? I should be about to be 'done' about now…]

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