Sunday, 31 May 2015

A brief visit to Partizan

A reimaging of Quatre Bras as an 18th Century game using
"The War Game Rules" and a lot of figures that have
been seen at the annual Scarborough games!
Game by the A Military Gentleman ("AMG") forum.
"To The Strongest" - a very well-run demo.
It's quite odd, after our recent run of visits, being at a show as a punter, not putting on a game. Carl (to whom thanks for the lift) and I made it to Kelham Hall for around 1pm, thereby avoiding the usual morning rush, with the express intent of doing the shopping we never got to do at Salute (if any), checking out the games and in my case paying Neil Shuck lots of money for Duel in the Dark and all its expansions.

Mission accomplished on all counts. Carl picked up some WW2 undead from Warlord (in case we revisit Dead's Army), and I scred some nice 15mm flexible roads from S & Scenics and two more 4Ground 15mm French buildings, as well as the aforementioned board game from Neil.

I was looking (as was Carl) for some Sails of Glory ships - the only ones to be had were on Caliver's stand, IMO overpriced, in rather tatty boxes and in one case with a broken mast, so no luck there.

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