Thursday, 14 May 2015

More Sails of Glory

Well, actually, more just an amused note.

The ships, it transpires, are 1/1000 scale, much to the annoyance of a lot of naval wargamers who have existing fleets in 1/1200... However, on the good side, 1/1000 is pretty much 2mm scale, and there's a bunch of folks do some pretty nice (and cheap!) buildings and scenery in that scale - Brigade Models, Langton and Irregular Miniatures for starters.

The only amusing thing is that '2mm scale' in wargames terms is 1/1000, whereas if you ask a railway modeller, '2mm scale' is 2mm to the foot, not 2mm figure height, and therefore about 1/144 scale. Plenty of scope for useless Google results :D


  1. Seriously? A difference between 1/1000th and 1/1200th matters to people? HMS Victory is a cm shorter in 1/1000th scale. Smaller ship types varied greatly, so a 'frigate' from either scale could match with the other.

    I seem to recall Langton's buildings are 1/1200th scale, like his ships... but the difference of 0.3mm between typical door sizes may obviously put some people off buying them. :-/

    1. To be fair, 1/1000 to 1/1200 is a bigger change than 25mm to 28mm

    2. Ok, this time in proper English. ;-)

      Of course, but I will take my hat off to anyone who can tell at a glance the difference between a 1/1000th ship and a 1/1200th one.

      I'm willing to admit to being a bit of a scale purist myself, but I do think that might be taking it a touch too far.

    3. Perhaps not on its own, no. But put a 1/1200th ship of the line net to a 1/1000th 80-gunner, and I bet you'd spot it, because they'd both be about the same size.


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