Saturday, 9 May 2015

Back from Campaign Day 1

Another 4 1/2 miles walked running the Dambusters game :D Campaign is a very public show (it runs in a large open space in a shopping mall in central Milton Keynes) with an emphasis on games that involve the public, where, as you can guess, we fitted right in.

Quote of the day: "I was looking at your table thinking 'hmm, they haven't got their table set up yet' and then it suddenly clicked what it was, and it went from 'ho hum' to 'awesome' in nothing flat."

As I was slightly less rushed off my feet in preparation this time, I managed to transfer the sound player app onto my iPad, leaving my phone free for photographs, so this time you get some decent ones.


  1. Great stuff! Looks like you've got a winner here.

  2. I saw the game at Salute but didn't get the chance to come back and play. Seems to draw a lot of interest.


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