Sunday, 10 May 2015

Back from Campaign Day 2

And another 4 1/2 miles :D

Another excellent day fuelled by a combination of Costa coffee, and to be honest, the obvious enjoyment from kids young and old (and thanks from their parents, quite often). As I said to a few people, if all I come back from running this game with is sore feet and knees, backache, and the knowledge that we\ve introduced 30 or 40 youngsters to both wargaming and a story of heroism that deserves to be retold, I'll be more than happy.

"Bomb gone, skipper!"
"Uh... lost the port outer. And the ... make that both
starboard engines...."
Two absolute classic runs today - the young lad who made it to drop the bomb (successfully) on one engine, and the two guys from the Northampton club who pulled off one of the great lucky runs, like... ever...

Three moves out from the dam, they got hit by flak. Controls hit, plane can't turn. Fortunately at this point they're flying straight down the middle of the lake. Unfortunately the flak has their number...

Next move - big flak burst over the starboard wing, plane heels over, sideslips off course to starboard. Cue much consternation. "We're stuffed, right?"

One move out. Another flak hit. Engine hit. Dice for it... port outer. By the very simplistic rules, that's going to pull the plane to port....

Dead centre, bang on speed and height. "Bomb GONE..."

I grin. "If I were you? I'd haul back on the stick, get some height, and order your crew to bail out." Pause. "This side of the dam."

Huge thanks to everyone from the club who helped out - AndyM, Dan, Grahame, Ash and Pippa - and to the folks from the MK club and to the Centre:MK events staff for an excellent venue and a great show.

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