Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sails of Glory

I appear to have had a minor accident online, as it were :D

I use the Dice Shop Online enough that I'm on their mailing list, and last Thursday they decided to do a sale (I assume because they're stopping stocking it) of Sails of Glory - main box down by £10, ships down by almost 50% (£17.50 ships of the line for under a tenner). Since I've didn't yield to temptation on the Kickstarter, I bit...

It doesn't count towards the pledge, yer honour. They\re already painted (no, I'm not going to rey the 'it's a board game' argument) :D

Already had a chat with Lesley's Bits Box (a KR dealer) at Campaign re more sensible packaging. Which is good, because I also just picked up another starter set and FOURTEEN extra ships on eBay for £130. *scuffs feet, grins sheepishly*

I feel a club campaign coming on....


  1. I keep looking at SoG and just - just - managing to resist temptation. I'd love a review of it in play when you get stuck in to your club campaign if you have time.

  2. A few weeks ago at the local club we had X-Wing on one table and SoG on the next. Fascinating to see how the same basic system can diverge.

  3. Just got a set and a few extra ships myself :)
    Apparently you need something else to fight with more than 4 ships...?

    1. You need the additional ship mats pack. the trick is finding someone selling them at less than 2/3 the price of another starter set :D

    2. Good point... will have a look around :)

    3. The major problem would seem to be it's the one Sails of Glory extra that's out of print ;D


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