Saturday, 23 May 2015

The odd ship or two...

Ok - 26, actually. The only duplicates are the ones from the starter set, but since all the ships have double-sided ID cards and two names, this is Not A Problem. Figuring out how to store them IS.


  1. Crikey happiness is clearly a well stocked harbour.

    A very impressive array, just speaking academically - how big a battle do you think you could support?

    These might be worth a look.

    1. Depends. At the club we have 12 ship mats, so technically a 6 a side game. However, there's several online resources for replacement ship mats, marked up with grease pencil rather than counters, which would mean we could use all the ships we can scare up between us, which is about 30. That said, more than 2 ships a player is enough to make your head explode :D

      I saw those chests - my worry is they don't stop the ships bouncing around at all, and the masts are a bit fragile.

    2. Obviously the answer is a 3D-printed custom insert to mesh with the ship and provide support.

      (There are several different sorts of these on Thingiverse for X-Wing. None for SoG but I'm sure it could be done.)


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