Monday, 25 May 2015

Battle Report - 25-May-2015 - Sails of Glory

All about to go sadly wrong for the French...
The game I was /meant/ to run, with fewer players since they'd all played last week - specifically, just me and Dave :

Captured, pardieu!
I took Le Berwick, and Dave HMS Defence for a little one on one scrap. Things opened up with a mutual broadside, causing Le Berwick to spring a leak and Defence to catch fire, and we spent a goodly while circling each other while effecting repairs. I missed one golden opportunity in which I had an uncontested broadside, but no crew free to fire that side, before eventually misjudging how close to the wind I could sail, and being grappled and boarded by the British.
And it all fits flat on the floor of the
boot of the Skoda....

Another good fun introduction though - that's another person keen on the game who is up for more :D


  1. Hurrah for the Royal Navy!

    Good to see that the game still holds up in a one on one battle.

    The problem with this is though that everytime I look at your blog I see another Sails of Glory post and start thinking things like.

    "Trafalgar, Trafalgar is well do-able."

  2. Then you really don;t want to see this post on the Anchorage:!

    And yes, Trafalgar probably is, but you need a big table. and more Spanish ships than will be available until wave 3 (end of 2015).. :D

  3. You maniac Whitaker!

    You were meant to convince me it couldn't be done.


    1. Why would you expect that - we are very much, can do, here at the Peterborough club!

      Though I think for larger battles it might be worth adjusting the rules for smaller ships (frigates and smaller) and running them as squadrons and concentrate on Ships-of-the-line.

    2. Rumour has it there are some fleet action rules coming out with wave 3...


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