Sunday, 1 March 2015

Peterborough Scale Model Show, military vs railway vs wargame modelling

I didn't get to much of the show today, with commitments on bass in church and a stern injunction from the Domestic Authority to be back in time for lunch after that.

Grahame (ably assisted by Jonathan, Chris and Dan) was running a very nice looking Dark Ages "Hereward the Wake attacks Peterborough" participation game which seemed to garnering a decent amount of attention. More pictures and a write up on the club site later.

The show was predominantly (unsurprisingly, given the name) hosting military and other scale modellers, but as well as us there were a couple of railway layouts and a stall from our local railway modelling shop, Trains4U (who interestingly have now started stocking Games Workshop). Conversely, I know a lot of folks at the club have started using them as a source of scenic materials and plasticard, given that buying (say) Javis static grass is under <£2 for what GW or Army Painter would charge you at least double.

It's still amusing to see that (for example) a war gamer will use AP or GW paints, a railway modeller Humbrol or Railmatch (and they've never heard of dropper bottles), and a military modeller like as not Revell or Tamiya - there's a bit of overlap between us and the scale military guys around Vallejo, though. Same for glues etc.

On which topic, right next to our stand were the folks from Modelling Tools, with a range of paints, and weathering washes I'd never seen before - AK. Some fascinating stuff there (including palette wash/weathering sets for 'green' tanks and a 'tracks and wheels' set, which I think I might dip (as it were) my toe into and investigate further, given the number of tanks I have to paint.


  1. Those of us that have cross over between gaming, railroads and scale modeling tend to have a lot more tools at our disposal. If you are going to check out AK then also look for Ammo and MiG (oddly enough all three companies were started by the same guy Mig Jimenez). Another interesting cross over is a product from the art world known as Pan Pastels, which are similar to the pigments sold by AK and crew but in a "cake" form and are usually applied with a sponge. I use it a lot for weathering the freight cars for my wild west town of Calamity.

  2. The AK stuff is brilliant .. Worth investing in

  3. I love the AK slime weathering liquid. Very useful stuff


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