Sunday, 22 March 2015

Poll results

Go on, admit it, you were all dying to know. 69 entries and one runaway winner:

A late surge over the weekend for participation games, which was lingering back behind 'meeting up with folks' for a while. The 'other' category didn't contain many surprises - variants on 'can't decide', mostly, but I did miss the 'to run my stall' category :D

But (and this bears out some recent magazine articles, and a decision we'd already made re our show), demo games are not flavour of the month. Or possibly even year.


  1. I like to look at and photograph demo games, but I generally don't want to hang around for several hours playing one. I'd be much more interested in short (hour or less) games that show off the particularly neat bits of a rule system.

    Discounts? Not that I've particularly noticed. The opportunity not to pay postage is good, though.

  2. I am one of those keen to play participation games. I want to be hands on and try things, possibly very different to my usual fare, with my friends. Who knows where that will lead? Why would I want to passively watch someone play?

    Very sound and fair results I think

  3. I don't no how anyone could go to a show to watch other ppl play games and just buy stuff. Here in the states our conventions only have games that ppl put on for ppl to sign up and play in plus the whole buying ordeal. That would be too boring!

  4. I've only ever played in 1 participation game, I usual don't find the time to do so. The internet is a great toll for looking at figures but you just can't beat having the lead in your hand to decide to buy or not.

  5. Definitely a different philosophy than here in the States. On the other hand our big shows typically run for four full days so there is a lot more time to do things than the one and two days show there in the UK.

  6. The last thing I'd want to do is play a game with a bunch of people I don't know using a system I am not familiar with! I do get inspired by looking at the big demonstration games, though. The looking at stuff before you buy is critical for me as I am very fussy about figure compatibility and you can't tell from the internet how big figures are compared with other ranges.

  7. That's the fun of it all !! Being social meeting new ppl seeing ppl you know from years of attending the same conventions and playing in their games. I would never travel a great distance just to see stuff before I buy it lol or watch ppl play games. Our big conventions are 4 days and smaller ones 2-3 days of nothing but GAMING !! So much fun plus a huge dealer area to buy everything you looking for. Anything else would be boring personally


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