Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tabletop Workshop

You may remember the rather nice castle that Tabletop Workshop were promoting a couple of years ago.


www.tabletopworkshop.co.uk is currently not responding (in fact it's expired). While I didn't back their 'kickstarter' (it wasn't run through Kickstarter proper, just an advance purchase thing TTW/Enigma Designs ran), one of my club mates did. I'm not going to paste the reply he got verbatim, but the information contained it is pretty much available to anyone else who asks, I'm sure. In a nutshell, the business is now being run by TTW/Enigma Design's 'silent partner' in the original company, and they are working on repackaging everything with new logos. I do have a contact email, but I don't believe it's mine to give out, nor is the company name if they haven't revealed it yet. They are monitoring the old TTW/Enigma Designs email, though.


  1. Hi Mike...Do you mean Tabletop Miniatures or Tabletop Workshop? Tabletop Miniatures I think no longer exist but I have fond memories of pouring through their catalogues planning my next purchase. I've never actually heard of Tabletop Workshop. If they are a new incarnation of Tabletop Miniatures, I apologise!

  2. As some one who did the preorder for the castle I am very happy that it was delivered before this happened. It is a excellent kit and I hope it reappears for sale. I wonder if this means that the gatehouse that I have outstanding will every be received.


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