Saturday, 7 March 2015

Painting M1942 US Para uniform

It's a tricky beast, is M1942 uniform. Basically, only worn by the US Paras around D-Day, and its not the same colour as just about any other uniform. Certainly, it's not one of those colours that some nice lot like Army Painter or PSC or Warlord make a spray primer for, and if you check out the various online painting guides, everyone seems to umm and arr and mix up something: Battlefront reckon 80/20 Middlestone/US Dark Green, Tom Weiss uses some unspecified mix of US Field Drab and Green Ochre, Artizan go for German Camo Beige or a 'darker' Middlestone. There's a Tamiya spray (AS-15) which is close but not perfect, and hard to come by.

Look what I just found :D

Using the Mac's DigitalColor Meter app, it's pretty close when compared to a range of pictures, around about 125/105/65 R/G/B. If anything it's a smidge dark, but in terms of shade it's the closest I've yet found.


  1. That's a useful find Mike :)

  2. Interested to see what you think of the results ;)

  3. I used a mix of VMC Dark Yellow and VMC Khaki when I did mine.

  4. Good find. I can not recall what I used, although I do remember it was a right pain to get all the colors worked out. A base spray would have come in useful.

  5. I used Tom Weiss's recipe for mine but may give this a go for the last few


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