Sunday, 29 March 2015

Plans for the week

The problem with jet lag from Seattle is that

  • it's three more hours west timezone wise, and 2 flight time wise, than the east coast. The end result of this is that a 7pm departure from the west coast lands 5 hours UK time later than an east coast one (noon, not 7am). Which screws up both my plans A and B for recovering from jet lag:
    • plan A: catch a very early morning flight from the US, land in UK early evening, go to bed when I get home. This fails because there are no early morning flights from the west coast, 'cause a 7am takeoff wouldn't get in till 11pm UK time
    • plan B: go to bed when I get home, nap till late afternoon, get up and do stuff, go to bed at normal UK time. Mostly fails because it's ALREADY freakin' late afternoon when I get home.
  • some inconsiderate person put the clocks forward the second night after I got back, which required me to get up at 1am Seattle time to get to church music rehearsal
Needless to say. neither of these have greatly improved my productivity this weekend!

On the good side, I have this week off. Apart from a trip to pick up a new guitar, and some time to sign the nomination forms for our local Green Party parliamentary candidate, I intend to:
  • paint some 15mm US paras
  • assess progress on the club's Salute game and get some more done.
  • find something to trade for the Flames of War 'Home Guard' objective I finally managed to track down
  • work out next round of orders for club's 100 Days campaign
  • check out the TFL Napoleonics playtest rules.

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