Friday, 13 March 2015

Battlefront "Colours of War" paint system

Looking at the behind the scenes article on the their website, I think Battlefront may have actually got this one right. I'll reserve judgement till I've seen the full range, but if it's there at Salute I'll be checking it out.

It includes:

  • The Quartermaster's set. This time, it's not just black. white, the primary colours etc. It's also the colours that they wind up putting in multiple of the national/army paint sets, like flesh, khaki, gunmetal, canvas etc. so that there are no unnecessary double ups between the national sets.
  • National paint sets. One for each army, except for the Germans who get one for infantry and one for vehicles.
  • Large bottles (20ml) of the stuff you use all the time, smaller ones (12ml) of the paint you don't (e.g Para beret red!). 
  • Washes in suitably matching colours as part of the range.
  • A distinctive dropper bottle with a 'bullet' top, so you can identify the Colours of War paints - not necessary, but since they had to design their own bottles for the various sizes anyway...
  • The Book. A painting reference for the four main counties (US, Britain, Germany, Russia) with a slight emphasis on late war but basically covering everything you need to know to paint your amy.
I'm very keen to see this in action - it sounds very well designed.

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