Sunday, 16 June 2013

A few bits of metal...

Progress yesterday:

I got my paints sorted, and established I have far too many! Sorted out the Citadel ones I'll likely not use again, worked out which Vallejo and/or Warpaints I need, and clearly need to buy a rack of some sort to store them. Also sorted out some newly arrived Peter Pig 15mm figures to make a couple of German Panzerknacker teams.
While tidying today, I finally unearthed a small brown envelope belonging to my son James, which we've been looking for a while (yes, it was in one of those 'really safe' places you don't think to look in - in fact, I'd forgotten there were any drawers in the dining room there!)

Longer-time readers of this blog may remember my first mention of visiting East Kirkby, where James and I got talking to a lady whose father (Jack Marsden) was a flight engineer on a 166 Squadron Lancaster, ME749, code letters AS-Z. He had been shot down during the Mailly-le-Camp raid in May 1944, and managed, despite being badly injured, to make it back to England (eventually). It's a great story, and I'd recommend Googling for it, or reading the book about the raid (mind you, given Amazon's current prices, you might be better off trying or visiting the East Kirkby shop!). I have a Revell kit waiting to be made as a replica of ME749.

The contents of the envelope - several pieces of Jack Marsden's Lancaster, collected by his daughter from the crash site and sent to James for his school project, and a covering letter telling the whole story. The one thing the photo really doesn't do justice to is how scarily thin the outer skin of a Lancaster is!

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