Saturday, 22 June 2013


Having been a little side-tracked by Chain of Command-related stuff, and being suddenly inspired to write the next heraldry post, I should catch you up on the rest of what I've done this week!

The 15mm Brits and Germans are progressing slowly - the British have painted helmets and faces, and aren't that far from done. I also have a batch of Shermans to paint, but due to wanting to run another CoC playtest on Monday, the deadline for those has moved a bit! I've just picked up some MiG pigments to use with those.

I'm involved in a game of the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG, Edge of Empire... over Skype, of all things. It's being run by Rich Jones, with Neil Shuck (of Meeples and Miniatures fame) and Mike Hobbs (Gripping Beast's SAGA ambassador) among the players. The short review? Fantastic system - it's very much an RPG, not a wargame - very little need for figures, and as Mike puts it, it uses the best HD display of all - the human brain. Fortunately for my already busy schedule, we're working on playing only alternate Wednesdays, which, since that's my essay deadline....

My archaeology course is on week 3 (of 8). I'm just about caught up, having been a bit last-minute over weeks 1 and 2: I have a 750 word essay to submit by Wednesday which I'm hoping to get done tomorrow. And so far? One essay peer-reviewed, maximum marks, and it's great fun and I'm learning quite a bit.

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