Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Battle Report - 18-Jun-2013 - Chain of Command

Another playtest game - Gary and AndyB as the Germans, with a platoon plus a Panzer IV, against AndyM and Paul with a platoon of Brits plus a Sherman Firefly. Advantage British in armour, but they do only have one measly PIAT against three Panzerfausts and a Panzershreck.

Story mostly in pictures - major points of note were
  • the attritional nature of the infantry fights (very little fire and movement). To quote Rich Clarke on the TFL list: "This is an interesting parallel with reality. Human nature is to get stuck in a firefight, which is why armies teach them to combine fire and movement."
  • the amazingly jammy dice rolling for the PIAT (two hits, first one knocked the gunner for a loop (-1 to hit) and the second immobilised the PzIV)
  • the amazing rubbish dice for the Firefly AND the Panzerschreck - three phases of missing a lot
All in all? Fun game, some useful feedback to Rich for the playtest, and a hotly contested draw.

Jump off poimts after the patrol phase: basically two each in the
village, and one on opposite flanks in a wood.

The German tank shows up on the
southwest road into town.

Ze sleepy village, she is in for ze rude awakening, non?

"Jenkins! PIAT, damnit! Tiger tank behind that hedge! Take it OUT!"

"Hans? Why do the British always think we are a Tiger..."
"I don't know, Jurgen, but..."
BOOOM! PIAT round glances off turret, knocking gunner for a bit of
a loop.

Everyone seems to be taking cover...

The Jerries in the wood debate how to deal with the lumbering
Firefly approaching up the road.


  1. Great looking table! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks.

      Citadel battlemat.
      Last Valley roads, hedges, bocage
      pmc.games (on eBay) buildibgs
      my woods (Woodland Scenics armatures, plus the apple orchard is straight WS trees from the box)

  2. That's a very cool looking table Mike!

  3. Very nice eye-candy! We live in a wargames Golden Age.


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