Friday 14 June 2013

Motivation, and A Call To Arms

Sharing from a different hobby, prompted, apparently, by a number of very petty forum squabbles, but nonetheless a challenge:
And as for time, what on earth are people doing with their days? By the time the computer is loaded up, the internet connected to and your first post typed out you could [have] easily stuck some brake shoes down on a Dundas chassis.
So this is a call to arms. Stop typing, find those old models, take 10 minutes out of the day, cut a bit off, stick something on. Modelling is our hobby. Please try it, you don’t know what you’re missing.
Part of my aim with this blog is to try and post every day, and I try and do that by setting aside a time to post when I get in from work or club, or during my lunch break or before I start in the morning (depending on when in the day I know what it is I'm posting). Some days, if I'm on a roll, I'll draft posts several days ahead.

But I'll freely admit, I do spend far far far too long trawling the Interwebs to read what, to be blunt, is a whole pile of completely random crap that doesn't enhance my life or knowledge one jot, and often has sweet Fanny Adams to do with any of my hobbies or interests (which are many and varied). Last week, I made a point of spending at least an hour every day when I got back from work in the workshop: result? I got six terrain tiles, a hill, and a company of 15mm Germans finished in time, and almost all the junk on my work desks tidied onto the new shelving. I'd have like to have done some hedges and roads as well, but my experiments on those were a failure, and I'm starting to really like the looks of the Terra Firma 15mm offerings (AND he's just dropped his prices!)

Personally, as should be obvious by now to regular readers, I work best to deadlines. Preferably the kind that come looming up, horns blaring, with far too little time to go! :D So, this weekend, I have another couple of German sections, a British company and some Shermans to do in 15mm. Let's see how I get on!

How do you motivate yourself?


  1. Motivation is always tricky. If I get a game scheduled and don't have everything I need, then I seem to get a prodigious amount of work done. This helped me finish off my Dux forces. I need to do the same for my east front Italians.

  2. I hear you. The Internet is a great resource for information, but it leads all too easily to complete time-wasting (Yes, Facebook, I'm looking at you!). I try, usually with success, to keep to a select few sites and blogs which I browse every day. Once that's done I'm off to work on something positive and constructive.

  3. Dear Mike, you're totally right. I suffer that same malaise of jumping from one place to another, losing control, wasting time and ending up with gaining no tangible or worthy piece of knowledge. And now, working from home it is even worse, I always look for an excuse to lose my concentration. Thanks for this timely remainder

  4. *grin*
    Looking forward to the clubs 15mm hedges turning up. I'm aiming to order some roads for myself soon!

  5. I tend to procrastinate a lot over my backlog of painting, so find it better to set myself deadlines where possible. I'm currently attempting to paint my 11 man In Her Majesty's Name group for a game next Tuesday. I've basically had 4 nights (2 now) to get them all ready for the game. I've found it a really good way of motivating myself. I'm also loosely blogging about it to ensure I get it done too, but that's a new thing so it will likely wear off. Have a nosey if you're interested: but don't forget the backlog! :-)



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