Friday, 28 June 2013

Book Review; "Tank Men: The Human Story of Tanks At War" by Robert Kershaw

Time for another book review - this one is Tank Men by Robert Kershaw, once again recommended to me a while back (my son 'bought' it for me for Christmas) on the TFL Yahoo group.

It's not dissimilar to a lot of the Forgotten Voices Of... series of books, consisting of a series of chapters on various arenas of tank conflict (not just restricted to World War 2), largely described by drawing on letters, interviews and other forms of first hand experience.

Particularly worth a read (in a similar way to Stuart Hills' "By Tank Into Normandy") if you want to see tank warfare from a perspective that's largely inside the tank. Also a major winner because it doesn't just cover Normandy, with extensive chapters on the initial German Blitzkrieg into France in WW2 and the Eastern Front. It helps that the author has a military background and knows what he's talking about, too.

Read if you're into tanks, basically :D I loved it.


  1. I read it last year and found it really engaging. The stories of fear, long drving hours, inside that metal box without almost light, smells, lack of orientation of the crews (except the commander and the driver).... Gosh! It made me look at my little plastic soldiers in a complete different light!! Highly recomendable reading

  2. Yes I agree with both Mike and Anibal. Tank Men is a well written and informative book. It also made me reconsider the delights of wargaming with a gruesome twist. Again, highly recommended!




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