Saturday, 15 June 2013

Book Review - "Love Company", John Khoury

To give it its proper title, Love Company: L Company, 399th Infantry Regiment, of the 100th Infantry Division during World War II and Beyond is a memoir of a Private in the above US Army Reserve unit during the US attack on the south of France (Operation: Dragoon), although it was a late addition to the forces.

I picked this up because the Kindle version was (and still is as of the time of writing) going free. Compared to some of the other memoirs I've read recently, it's lacking a great deal in descriptions of actual battle: reading between the lines, that's a deliberate choice on the part of the author, I think.

So, after yesterday's challenge: what did I do yesterday?

I got a 15mm British rifle company (Battlefront) glued to bases and undercoated with PSC Warspray. On which topic - it definitely doesn't cover as well as the Army Painter primers - you seem to have to get a lot closer to be sure of covering all of a figure.
As such, it's not a book from which one can really extract scenarios for WW2 games, but it does give an interesting feel for what life as a GI was like on the front line. Khoury's humour is dry, and his writing style is somewhat terse: the book (a Kindle-only release) is only 140 pages long.

Certainly worth the money :D and an interesting read.

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