Wednesday, 5 June 2013

100k Prize draw day 3 - the winners

Managed to clear most of the floor in the workshop off onto either shelving or the other room (which is looking even more of a tip, but half of the stuff in isn't ours. we just have a Big Storage Room...)

Got the terrain tiles and the big hill painted - this is cheap 'Warm Tan' emulsion from our local discount shop.

But, more important.

The Results!

Winning a box of Conquest Games Normans and a copy of "When Christ And His Saints Slept"...


Please drop me an email at with contact details and tell me if you want the infantry or cavalry box.

Note: tomorrow's draw may be slightly late, as I'll be on a train at 8am. Friday's may be slightly late depending on how hungover I am :D


  1. Congrats Sean and thanks Mike!


  2. Well done Sean, congrats!

  3. Well done and enjoy


  4. Congrats there and I hope you enjoy them


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