Saturday, 21 January 2012

Operation: Squad scenarios 2

[No, there wasn't another incomplete post here earlier. You were hallucinating. Move along. Nothing to see, and besides, I have other series of posts to finish yet. Like this one.]

Next Operation: Squad scenario up is the second in the D-Day set - a paratroop landing. There are, I'm told, paratroop landing rules in the original Operation: WW2 rules, which I don't have. The set we played when we did this are not the same as the ones in the PDF - the latter are courtesy of Dan Phillips from our club, and would have been much better on the day!

As before, this can be found on the Scenarios page.

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  1. Mike you need the rail line running north on map3 to be added on map 2 if the maps are to link up and be true!


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