Friday, 6 January 2012

My Friendly Local Gaming Store

... now has a website again. Check out for all your gaming needs (and, from experience, if Trev hasn't got it, he can get it). He's still working on getting all the stock uploaded, mind.


  1. I remember when the rift first opend it was the only place to get Magic the gathering cards from and now my son gets his euw-gee-oh cards from them tho they have moved since i went in there lol. Do you remember the Dungeon games shop off Lincoln road? how i loved that place.

  2. You mean the one partway down Dogsthorpe Road in the early 90s? remember that one, certainly - I bought a whole bunch of stuff there (back when White Dwarf had articles on D&D!)

    As for Rift/Your Story - the first time *I* went in there i was working for the folks who did the PerplexCity puzzle game, which Trev still has cards for and the board game!

  3. Yep on the corner of a side street down dogsthorpe road, it was a bit of a trek from the city center but well worth it. Still got the minis i picked up from there and my copy of rogue trader.


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