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Operation: Squad

The D-Day Scenarios

These are a series of semi-linked scenarios, in that the 4'x4' tables they're being played on can be placed next to each other. If you do, I suggest playing the turns in semi-sync, i.e. wait for all three tables to finish a turn before rolling for the next one, but allowing individual actions to carry on fairly freely unless/until there's a reason for the boards to interact.

I also suggest that, if possible, the opposing sides are kept ignorant of what forces/method of attack to expect outside of what's in their briefing.
  1. The Bridge - a squad is dropped in by glider in to take a minor bridge just inland of the Normandy beaches. Suggested forces: 500pt British Rifle squad vs 500pt Wehrmacht Grenadier squad.
  2. The Village - a squad is parachuted in to take a small village whose church commands a good field of fire. Suggested forces: 500pt British Para squad vs 500pt Panzergrenadier squad.
  3. The Railway - a squad is parachuted in to destroy a section of railway leading to the coast. Suggested forces: 500pt US Airborne squad vs 500pt Fallschirmjäger squad.
[NB. There is a wee bug, as pointed out by GReg, in the interlinking of these scenarios - I'll fix the scenario maps later in the week to make things connect properly.]


  1. Mike, add some victory conditions to each scenario.

  2. In all cases, the victory conditions are 'the Allies win if they succeed in the mission described in their briefing, they don't otherwise'. :D

    I don't tend to write scenarios with a tournament-style 'winner' - in the end, the players usually agree between them who's won.


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