Sunday, 29 January 2012

28mm German Panzergrenadiers


Finished these a while back for the Analogue Hobbies painting contest, but there was a minor domestic over the whereabouts of my camera charger ("You said you'd looked there!" "I had." "So what's THIS?" "Erm, that's not where you asked if I'd looked." "Yes it is." "Isn't."...) which meant these took a while to get photographed.

But, anyway - herewith a squad of 11 Warlord 28mm plastic Wehrmacht Panzergrenadiers, based for Operation: Squad (well, based for pretty much anything, actually, since Op: Squad isn't that fussy - most of them are Renedra round 25mm bases, one is a UK 2p coin, which is almost dead on the right size and cheaper!). Army Painter Uniform Grey spray primer, Tamiya Field Grey uniforms, Army Painter Strong Tone dip - which latter seems to have worked very well on the uniforms. Basing is my usual (Tamiya Dark Earth Diorama paint, Javis moorland scatter and spring static grass, some GF9 medium basing grit), and then an overall coat of Army Painter Anti-Shine (JUST before it rained!).

Taken with a Canon EOS 300D and a Tamron 25-70 f2.8 zoom on a tripod, adjusted in iPhoto.


  1. Nice looking minis. I'm tempted to start a 28mm WWII project...oh so tempted!

  2. @lee, @phil: thanks! I'm very pleased with the way the dip interacts with the Tamiya Field Grey to produce that sort of mucky-Barbour-jacket look to the figures.

    @lee: you won't regret it, and I can thoroughly recommend Operation: Squad as a ruleset.

  3. Good work Mike. I like the basing especially. Is iPhoto a good app for photo editing?

  4. Thanks!

    For the basics - crop, straighten, fix exposure, contrast etc, iPhoto is pretty decent. If I was taking things a bit more seriously, I'd pony up for Adobe Lightroom.

    Mind you, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the photo on my most recent ECW post. That's an untouched iPhone 4S shot.


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