Tuesday, 16 July 2019

More Compendium work

Rather annoyingly, the show we were going to see this afternoon was cancelled due to (as the lady put it) the cast probably outnumbering the audience. (Evidently no-one goes to shows on Mondays in Branson - to be fair, I’ve gigged in front of the proverbial three men and a dog, and it’s no fun).

On the good side, this did mean I got the club’s advert for Miniature Wargames done, as well as completing another Raid scenario for Dux Brit.

These are actually harder, even before playtesting, than you think: there’s quite a bit of work in making sure the setup instructions and special rules survive contact with people who don’t read minds. However, I think this one is done, and should be ready for playtest if I can get an evening or two of Mr. Hawes’ time sometime once I’m back off holiday.

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