Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Updates for Bloody Omaha, IABSM cards giveaway

Over lunch I edited a couple of new cards into one of my Artscow deck files, for the activation deck for Bloody Omaha (which may give you an interesting clue as to what's been changed), as well as added enough extra cards for the deck I already use to re-run the Ken Macksey "Battle!" scenario, should I ever want to, without sticking labels on cards.

I ran out of card ideas for me, so if anyone uses agentbalzac's Allied and Axis decks from Artscow, I will soon have a number of spare cards printed in that deck's design to handle more platoons (up to 12 a side) and armour (up to 6 a side), as well as a Turn End card and a few odds and sods. If you are such a person, you'd like those cards (pictured below except for the Tea Break card), and you come see me at Partizan, they're yours..

(note the background has always caused Artscow to complain)

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