Friday, 5 July 2019

GW Contrast paint tryout

...because all the cool kids are doing it.

Four GW Dark Ages warriors for a test piece. I've videoed the entire (well barring the non-Contrast bits) process as well, and I may edit that and put it up if it's useable and you actually want to listen to me talking to myself and pontitficating in general while painting :D The video is 38 minutes, so that's how long it took me, not counting the undercoat and the shields.

Impressions? For a painter of my standard, it's absolutely no worse, probably better and certainly quicker, than base coat plus wash or dip. Yes, there are a couple of bits I need to touch up, looking at the photos :D. It's also worth keeping a bit of paper by your palette to run your brush on as a guide for the colour it will probably dry to.
The undercoat. It's supposedly 'ultra smooth'. It's also a bit enthusiastic,  so be gentle when spraying.
Not easy to tell what the end result colour will be from the bottle.
And done. The shields weren't done using contrast. 


  1. Hi Mike, I'd definitely be interested in seeing the video. While i'm personally unlike to switch from Vallejo due to cost and familiarity, my housemate uses Citadel paints almost exclusively - but hasn't bought the new paints as yet.

  2. They came out pretty nice. I tried the contrast paints at the UK Games Expo last month and was fairly unimpressed. They're just washes, a slightly different formula no doubt, but just washes.


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