Friday, 19 January 2018

Well, that was a washout...

Jolted rather rudely out of bed by a very large bang under the window.

I know that looks like a nuke going off over South Peterborough, but in fact it's the sun shining straight up our road and straight into the eyes of someone who didn't see Anne's empty parked car....

So Anne has my car for the day, and I've spent the entire day playing phone tag with insurers, repair shops and car hire. To add insult to injury (or perhaps more accurately the other way round) I pulled a calf muscle chasing after the car hire bloke to get him to park in the right place. Ow.

Managed to get some club admin done while waiting for phone calls and people to ring the doorbell, and added a couple of Firefly pieces to the Mill House Studios site. It's something, I guess.

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