Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Secret Santa and other things

A big thank you to Roy for organising this year's gamers Secret Santa. Due to haring out of the country like a mad thing on Boxing Day morning, I've only just got round to catching up with things Christmas-related (there's still cake left! yay!), so I'm delighted to note that my recipient seems to have liked his gift, and also thank you to my Secret Santa for the Napoleon At War French cavalry blister.

Currently feeling a bit inspired for non-skirmish Napoleonics after the game with the ATF guys in the Twin Cities, so I think this year will be the year my N@W figures finally get painted; the Carabiners are lovely sculpts, and they'll go in the N@W "to be painted" box just as soon as I can get into the workshop to do so...

The latter is a small problem just at present, as... well...

...Tim's relaying the floor. And all my wargaming stuff is shut in the tiny cupboard/room (The Cabinet Of Temporal Insufficiency) on the far left end wall...


  1. You're welcome, and thank you for taking part.

    Wow, that is a decent sized bit of real estate. I thought I was doing well with an outbuilding that used to house an 8'x4' gaming table in it, but yours takes it all to the next level.


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