Monday, 8 January 2018

Henry Hyde's Patreon

Definitely something to check out. Henry Hyde has started a Patreon campaign, in order that he can continue to spend time providing hobby-related content alongside other career options.

I've pledged, as I think Henry is a fabulous voice in and contributor to our hobby, and deserves our support.

As for me, on a semi-related tack, today's the first day of officially working at various hobby projects full time, which means today's the first accountability update. 

Herewith a screen grab of OmniFocus, to prove I've been planning the next steps of the Dux Britanniarum Compendium. (Of course, this doesn't tell you how complete it was before that! Can't spoil all the surprise.)

Wargames-related tasks completed today:
  • Club AGM prep (tonight!)
  • planned what happens next for the Compendium
  • tidied up some formatting standards
  • Imported a whole chapter into the Compendium, edited it and formatted it properly
  • had a chat with the folks
  • (Also first day with the builders here since Xmas, which is sort of wargame-y)
  • Blogged (well, duh!)

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