Thursday, 18 January 2018

Accountability post 18th Jan

Phew. I have a phone again with a working touch screen. Definitely among the more serious of First World Problems, that :D (and another two hours of driving around Peterborough and moaning at Halfords about my non-working hands-free kit (now I have a phone to prove it's not working!)).


Just to whet your appetite, here's the draft cover.

  • Much head scratching over trying to tidy up the campaign flow section, and figuring out how to reduce it to an 'every campaign month' section without it starting to look like a 'pick your path to adventure' book ("If the British have won, turn to paragraph 4.1") :D Copious notes and a rough outline.
  • Decided how to deal with Rich's "Meaty Dux" article from the 2012 Summer Special, which is really just about adding a level of detail to the defences for each province. And means I have to completely re-format and probably re-title the blasted Terrain table again, adding two more columns - made a start on this. Swore a lot.
  • Re-formatted the record sheets section to be on white backgrounds for ease of printing or photocopying.
I have set an unofficial deadline of the end of the first week in February to get this to the point where I can punt it at a first set of proof-readers. (I know who they are, so please don't ask yet. Your turn will come!)

Mill House Studios

  • Did the necessary Wordpress magic to hook the site up to FB and Twitter.
  • Dug out some of my bits of game-related fiction and added them to the site. If after reading them, you would like to consider commissioning me to write game-related fluff for your rulebook or supplement, get in touch!
Tomorrow, barring interruptions (which there have been far too many of this week), is a serious Compendium day. The taxman can wait till Monday :D


  1. I'm looking forward to this coming out. I bought the Dux B rules last year, but have yet to play due to real life getting in the way.

  2. Thanks for the update. Good to see it getting closer. AJ, try and get that game in - enjoyment pretty much guaranteed :)


  3. What first attracted me to these rules was the campaign system. However after half a dozen games my take on it was the best way to progress is to kill enemy so the scenarios became almost an irrelevance. If you can address that issue it might tempt me back again.

    1. Interesting - by this I assume you mean you wind up with lots of unopposed raids as the Saxon? tell me more?

  4. No - from memory (and it is few years ago now) achieving the objective without much fighting did not really do much to upgrade the leader - killing lots of the opposition was much more useful

    1. I shall take that on board and have a think :D Thanks!


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