Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Salute blogger meet up...

So, I haven't actually seen any mention of this on my blog feed recently but then again I haven't seen much of anything on the computer recently, since my eye's only just cleared up to the point where I can do more than post photos ;)

In the absence of information to the contrary, how about we shoot for usual time, usual place: just in front of the food stall in the middle of the right-hand end of the Salute hall at 1 PM. 

I'll be there, in the usual Peterborough Wargames Club blue hoodie.

CORRECTION: as Ray seems to have pre-empted me (go Ray): the MIDDLE of the hall (by the stage/painting competition.


  1. I think this year the proposal is to meet in the centre of the hall at 13.00...

  2. I don't know if it's the usual place and time, but it's been arranged for 1pm at the centre of the hall. The VBCW Forum are meeting at noon at the Em4 stand.

  3. Hi Mike - Ray did post a couple of weeks ago:

    Catch you there at 1pm

  4. Yes, 1pm in the very centre of the hall. See you all there.


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