Thursday, 30 April 2015

Games and shows - a couple of clarifications

A couple of things that seem to have been not clear in my previous post, or have suffered from people misreading specific examples as generic ones, so bear explaining.

  • "Participation" games. No, this doesn't mean 'you have to run something like our Dambusters game'. What I meant was your game needs to involve the public at some level. The Lardies' Fighting Season demo was taking an hour and a half to two hours a game, but because of the way Rich and Nick effectively 'MC' the demo, it was possible to spend 10 minutes at the stall and come away with an understanding of the game. 
  • Make it short. I don't mean 'your game must only last 10 minutes'. What I meant was that it needs to be possible for someone who's interested in your game to get a meaningful takeaway from it in the time you could reasonably expect them to want to spend - i.e short within the context of the show. If this is a smaller show where it's possible to do all the stalls in an hour or two, people potentially have more time at their disposal compared to Salute, where there are over 100 traders and nearly as many games (which gives everyone an average of about 2 mins at each stand if they spend the whole day there, which is just about enough time to figure out whether you're interested in a stall :D).

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