Saturday, 4 April 2015

Kickstarter Watch - Wasteman

Just time to get in on this one, if 35mm post-holocaust SciFi skirmish floats your boat.

Wasteman by ThunderChild Miniatures: it only has about an hour and a half to go, but it looks rather fun if that's your bag: lots of interestingly different miniatures. Something of a gang-based (so, think Necromunda/Judge Dredd) game with some card-based mechanics - it looks like you could use some of the minis for Judge Dredd Cursed Earth games, if nothing else. And moreover, Jason who's the creator is local - Cambridge. The KS has passed its goal, and looks to be doing pretty well.


  1. This does indeed look good but why oh why go with 35mm? Madness!

    1. As I understand, they're aiming to match with the likes of Reaper.


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