Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Kickstarter Watch - Tanks in Manchuria

There's a LOT of what I'd call 'small press' Kickstarters around at the moment. This one is by Trenchworx, the folks who produced the 3D printed Japanese tanks I mentioned a while back, for 28mm resin vehicles for the border conflicts around Manchuria from 1932-1945.

The Kickstarter's at $1700 out of its initial $3000, with 29 days to go...

Coming up:


T-26 Light Tank
BT-7 Fast Tank
T-26 Model 1933  [available at $9,500]
T-38 Tankette  [available at $12,500]
OT-26 Flame Tank  [available at $15,500]
T-34 / 76  [available at $20,000]
GAZ AAA Truck  [available at $32,000]
GAZ AAA Quad Maxim  [available at $44,000]


Type 92 Jyu-Sokosha
Type 97 Chi Ha
Type 79 Ko Gata  [available at $3,500]
Type 89 Yi Go  [available at $5,000]
Type 94 Tankette  [available at $14,000]
Type 95 Ha Go  [available at $17,000]
Isuzu Truck  [available at $38,000]
Type 97 Shinhoto Chi Ha  [available at $50,000]


  1. I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping they would add to their WWI line a bit more. However, they did show a prototype biplane, so there is hope that they will return to my period! Their first Kickstarter was terrific though, my pledge arrived a month early practically unheard for a Kickstarter delivery. And it was all very high quality castings. My only compliant was the lack of instructions with the kits (the Rolls Royce AC is a bit fiddly) which they have already addressed. So if this is your period I would definitely jump in.

  2. Sigh there goes the rest of my cash....


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