Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Battle Report - 6 Apr 2015 - Chain of Command

An interesting evening introducing Ryan (huge WW2 Japanese fan) to Chain of Command, and a very fun game which demonstrated how CoC does encourage a more tactical, even cerebral approach to the game. Gary was his opponent, and had a veteran British force that was tasked with defending the Probe scenario, i.e. preventing the Japanese exiting via that table edge. The Japanese had the (nearly official) 1941 list, with a type 92 combat car in support, while the Brits laid a minefield.

The Japs have a 2" extra move in the Patrol phase, which made things interesting - basically they slightly flanked the British on both flanks, leaving them a touch constrained compared to the wider Japanese choices. Ryan's initial dice were excellent - I think he got three phases on the trot, deploying a section on the right flank (with the rule that allowed him an extra 6" out from the jump off point) and a whole mortar section in the centre. The next phases were a game of cat and mouse: Ryan brought on another section in the centre, and Gary brought on all three of his. Lots of cut and thrust, the type 92 almost getting shot by a Boyes AT Rifle on overwatch, but basically Ryan was waiting for a chance for two phases at once again, which never materialised, to deploy his one remaining section and hit Gary's shifting weak spot.

I still reckon the British over-committed - I'd have left one section in reserve to see where the Japanese chose to make their main attack: instead one section shifted from one side of the board to the other.

Either way - fascinating game. And we may have a convert (and I commend Ryan's blog to you if you haven't found it yet) :D
Jump off points, Japanese on the right.
The first Japanese section makes an advance 
Mortars lined up along the hedge line
The British holding up the Japanese right.


  1. First photo Mike - my jump offs are to the right not the left.

    1. Pah. The ONE photo I took from the other side of the table :D :D


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