Monday, 23 February 2015

Lessons learned

A short post, as I just got in from club and am about ready to fall over (on call all week from last Wednesday doesn't help).

A full report from tonight's IABSM scrap will follow, but I think Andy and Carl wouldn't argue with my observation that when you have tanks and infantry, sending the latter across an open Normandy field without support from the former (and without scouting ahead first) is a recipe for getting very shot up.

1) Dummy blinds are not just there to fool the enemy as to your intentions. They can spot. This is very very useful when you have no idea where the enemy is.
2) Infantry trying to engage enemy infantry who are in hard cover need support from something big and nasty that can fire HE. Even if its at long range: the boom is just as big!
3) It takes most of two platoons to clear an unpinned section out of a building. That was just brutal.
4) Neither Reuben or Rich should be allowed to shuffle activation decks :D


  1. In our defence there were two critical points on using blinds that we did not know until after we had already deployed the first wave:

    1) Auto-spotting and 24"
    2) Spotting with dummy blinds.

    So we were already committed with a lot of infantry when not expcted.

    The lack of tanks however was a command error - not helped by my not being able to correctly identify the blinds before they were deployed - so I thought the tanks were coming and my co-commander was holding them back!!!

    But still a fun game - and a learning experience!

    1. Re the first of those - sure, I may not have mentioned auto-spot, but it's a platoon in the middle of a big open field - you shouldn't exactly be surprised if someone figures out it's NOT a two man patrol ducking from tussock to tussock.
      Re the second, I did say blinds can use their actions to spot :D


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